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          About us
          About us
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               Wujiang Nuoqi Electronic Machinery Factory is a leading enterprise, exclusively specialized in the design, production, sales and service of winding machines and other ancillary equipments. Since its establishment. Nuoqi has made constant efforts to develop and design for EI type and toroidal transformer winding machine, mutual inductor winding machine, voice coil winding machine, ballast winding machine and motor generator, solenoid switch winding machine, providing customers with prompt and efficient after sales service. We also can accept a custom order according to customer¨s requirements.

               Our factory has mechanical design and electrical control technology, we can provide customers with a variety of toroidal and linear coil winding technical supports. Our main products are as follows: gear type, belt type and slider type toroidal winding machine, large torsion winding machine, voice coil winding machine, filtering special winding machine, high speed winding machine, motor stator coil winding machine, etc.

              The aim of our enterprise: profession, concentration, enthusiasm and sincerity.

              Bulk Order : 0086 13913097743 


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